Development orientation

To firmly maintain its fruitful achievements gained during past years, the 19 Forestry Joint Stock Company set overall targets of focusing on stable development of exported forestry product processing, ceaseless increases of export outputs and values, gradual transformation of commodity structure into yielding more indoor furniture outputs and value while less outdoor products.

I/ General goals:

- Stabilize and push up processing of exported forestry product, product made of wood and other materials; boost export outputs and values on annual basis rise of 3% -5%.

- Gradually transform the commodity structure with orientation of yielding more indoor furniture outputs and value while less outdoor products; using less wooden materials but generating more new creative values.

Explore and expand into new markets, new products with aims of differentiating our company, securing stable orderings, improving efficiency, taking initiatives in filling orders and production timeline, increasing production time from 6.5 months to 8-9 months per year.

- Reduce turnovers of exported forestry product processing while increasing turnovers of other activities to ensure stable business development in various conditions. 

- Achieve more and more yearly stable production profits, annual increase of absolute gross profits in correlation with consumption outputs. Annual net profit margin reaches over 3%, return on equity gains at least 30%. 

II/ Targets over periods:

1/ From 2015 to 2020:

* By 2015:

- Turnover will reach 200 billion VND

- Import export value: 12 million USD

- Export value: 9 million USD.

- Actual incomes of staff will increase 30%, compared to 2013

- Profit after tax: at least 6 billion VND.

- Dividend pay out ratio: 20-22%/year.

* In 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, target turnovers, import export values and profits are expected to be 3-5% increase, compared to previous year. Other targets are expected to be stable.

2/ By 2025:

- Turnover will reach 300 billion VND

- Import export value: 15 million USD

- Export value: 12 million USD.

- Become a company listed on stock exchanges

- Profit after tax: at least 9 billion VND.

- Actual incomes of staff will increase 50%, compared to 2015

III/ Measures:

Stabilize and improve efficiency of using existing production factories.

- Open branch at southern economic zones of Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City or South-eastern region) to expand the company's markets; enhancing its outputs, import and export values.

Improve quality of the human resources, highly appreciate and use the resources as decisive factor of the company's success. 

- Promote the existing brand names; successfully establish quality management systems such as ISO, BSCI and others across the business in 2014. 

Raise capital through accumulation and mobilization of capital from shareholders, through preferred loans from credit institutions for investment and development when needed.