Environment policies

The 19 Forestry Joint Stock Company realizes that smokes and dust not only affect health of its staff and production workers directly but also pollute surrounding environment and air, harming next generations. Thus, the company always abides by law on environment protection, improving its dust collection systems to minimize the smoke and dust emissions.

We are also selective in choosing wood adhesives and paints to reduce formaldehyde and heavy metals as customer requirements. In addition, all the factories of the company always meet the Vietnamese environmental standard TCVN 5945-95.

Our production facilities locate in local industrial parks and operate under management of Vietnamese environmental authorities. We hire professional organizations to evaluate the environmental impacts every year. Their environmental impact assessments all lead to the conclusion that the company meet the local environmental protection criteria. Although our products have little hazardous substances, we pay much attention to the environmental protection. We strongly believe that the environmental protection means self protection.

Furthermore, all of our wooden materials have verifiable origins, from artificial forests or from FSC-certified forests, conforming to the U.S. Lacey Act on wood consumption and the forthcoming FLEGT Agrements with European Union.

We are interested in embedding environmental management and sustainable development to our organizational culture.