Quality management processes

We clearly realize that "the business can exist and stably develop only when its products meet 3 main criteria: satisfy customer tastes - convenient and safe to use - environmentally friendly". Thus, we have established a fully worked-out quality management processes, updating information, policies and regulations, requirements of distributors and consumers.

1. Information updates:

The 19 Forestry Joint Stock Company takes the initiative in meeting strict requirements of the consumers about legality of the products manufactured by the company, which means all of the used materials and sub-materials must be environmentally friendly.

2. The quality management processes have 5 main stages, including:

- Control over input materials as predefined quotas, and original material quality certifications provided by third party suppliers

- Manufacture controlled sample products and test durability, usability and harmfulness (if have) of the sub-materials, wood finishes (adhesives, paints, etc.) to ensure the products are environmentally friendly and absolutely safe to users.

- Mass production: Given the approved sample products, detail information will be provided to direct managers of all production stages, from:

+ Choose materials for wood billet production -> product's parts shaping -> parts assembly -> product finishing -> product packaging.

- Statistically analyze and control quality of each phase. Quality control staffs of the factories work independently with supervisors of the production phases, inspecting all of the processing stages, early warning of errors, correcting the errors to avoid mishandling mass production, having full powers to perform their tasks and taking full responsibilities to the factory managers in case of technical breakdowns.

Follow principles of "self-responsibility" and fair reward, fair punishment.

The top senior factory managers check the quality control performance in records supplied by the QC teams.

- Check the products well before delivery.

- The 19 Forestry Joint Stock Company understands that "each consumer is a smart supervisor". We manufacture and sold out millions of items every year. Thus, we have millions of consumer-supervisors.

We also assign best skilled staffs to inspect each packaged products, minimizing mistakes.

The 19 Forestry Joint Stock Company wants each of its wooden products to be a perfect item as sold to the consumers, strengthening the trademark FORSCO 19.