1/ Is your company a state-owned enterprise?

- No. We are a joint stock company.


2/ What international standards do your products meet?

- Our products meet international standards like EN581-1, EN581-2, EN581-3 (British standards), in according to requirements of customers.


3/ Are your products covered by warranty?

- That depends on the customers' requirements and deals with us. 


4/ Are glues, oils and surface coatings applied to the wooden products?

- The substances are varied, depending on the customers' requirements or our choices. The customers may ask a third party test the substances.


5/ How is the packaging?

We use 5-layer carton boxes, pallet or pack for drop testing in according to the customers' requirements.


6/ Can you manufacture products with colors as our need?

- We can manufacture products with sample colors as the customers' requirements.


7/ Can you design products based on our own ideas?

- It's our honor to design the products based on customers' ideas.


8/ Can we have some spare parts as imported replacement items?

- Customers should mention the issue during negotiation before signing deals with us. We will add the spare parts into containers when loading the goods.


9/ Where does you’re your wood come from?

- The wood we use comes from local artificial forests or from FSC/non-FSC certified wood exporters.


10/ Do you have laboratory testing facilities?

- No. Our products are tested by a third party.


11/ Do you use home workers?

- No. All of our workers work at our factories. 


12/ Which items/parts of the products aren't manufactured by the company?

- The company has to buy cartons, hardware, cushions, plastic parts from other third parties.


13/ How long is the average length of time from the approval of product samples to the delivery?

- About 60 days.


14/ What is the company's average monthly production capacity?

- Approximately fifty 40-feet containers.


15/ Does your company have policies for product quality management?

- Yes. We have established our own set of product quality assurance standards. In addition, we are willing to satisfy specific needs of each individual customer.


16/ Has the Company been audited a social compliance standard by any independent third party?

- The Bong Hong Furniture Factory has been audited according to BSCI and ISO1400:2008 standards of Quality Management System (QMS). The rest two factories are on track to establish the systems and will be audited soon.


17/ Does your company employ children?

- No. We don't use child labour.


18/ Your company does not use forced/compulsory labour, doesn't it?

- No. All of our employees are voluntary labor and we have union who sign collective labour agreements on behalf of the employees with the company (the employer). The collective labour agreements cover various issues such as working hours, regular health checks, wages, etc. to ensure legitimate interests of the employees as in Vietnam Labour Law.


19/ Does your company have environmental protection policies?

- Yes. Please see our environmental protection policies.