Development orientation

To firmly maintain its fruitful achievements gained during past years, the 19 Forestry Joint Stock Company set overall targets of focusing on stable development of exported forestry product processing, ceaseless increases of export outputs and values, gradual transformation of commodity structure into yielding more indoor furniture outputs and value while less outdoor products.... More

Environment policies

The 19 Forestry Joint Stock Company realizes that smokes and dust not only affect health of its staff and production workers directly but also pollute surrounding environment and air, harming next generations. Thus, the company always abides by law on environment protection, improving its dust collection systems to minimize the smoke and dust emissions.

Quality management processes

We clearly realize that "the business can exist and stably develop only when its products meet 3 main criteria: satisfy customer tastes - convenient and safe to use - environmentally friendly". Thus, we have established a fully worked-out quality management processes, updating information, policies and regulations, requirements of distributors and consumers.... More


19 Forestry Joint Stock Company was established on October 1, 1990. It was transformed from state-owned company into joint stock company on October 19, 2004 on decision No. 3595/QĐ/BNN-TCCB by Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The company officially started operating pursuant to Enterprise Law on January 1, 2005.